Behold Maximus, the new ’59er’ from Ibis.

As companies debate the relative merits of 26″ vs. 29″ vs. 650b wheel sizes, Ibis boldly goes where no company (except maybe John Deere) has gone before, with 59″ wheels.

Maximus is the brainchild and creation of sculptor Nick Taylor of Fort Bragg CA. The main frame is made from steel (is real) pipe, 4″ in diameter with about a 1/4″ wall thickness, heavily manipulated and sculpted and welded and ground and filed by Nick. The forks, bars, stems and links are also custom made.

We ask Nick how the big bike came about:

Started when I was asked to make a sign for our Fat Tire Festival in the fall of 2011. I figured what better way to generate interest than with a big bike. I already had the tires, so I just build the bike around the tires. And what better model to use than my Mojo SL. As a sculptor, I love the lines of the Mojo.
Nick’s Website: www.JNickTaylor.com

Some history on Nick:

Born in Cleveland Ohio in 1958
1971 moved to TN
Managed a BFA at UTenn 1981
1981 moved to CA
Managed a MFA at UC Davis 1983
Relocated to the East bay 1983, lived there for 21 years, of which nine years were spent in Pt. Richmond
When not sculpting, I free lanced as a metal fabricator, prop builder, and remodeler
1987- 89 worked for California Academy of Sciences building exhibits
1997- 2005 worked for Performance Structures
Moved to Fort Bragg, CA, 2004
2004-07 built our house and studio (shown here in the picture to the right)
2007- current , sculpting

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Ibis Maximus dimensions:

Weight: 1000 lbs.
Hubs have a 4″ bearing w/ a 1″ thru axle
Handle bar width: 64″
Be bop pedals: 5″ OD
Tire width: 12″
Fork travel: 13″
Rear travel: 13.75″
Tires: 59 x 12.4″
26″ long saddle
450mm hollow cranks
60 tooth chainring
32 tooth cog
Stand over height – mid top tube = 77″
Stand over height – saddle nose = 71″

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